Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Pro 2727 Gr Chocolate Perfection
Esporte Mass gainers Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Pro 2727 gr Chocolate Perfection What is Instant Mass Pro? Reflex Nutririon's Instant Mass Pro is not a conventional weight winner. It is a high quality, bioavailable product aimed at generating controlled weight gain by providing a 50/50 blend of protein and carbohydrates. Properties of Instant Mass Pro Instant Mass Pro incorporates R-Nutrition's exclusive Quattro Time Release sequential protein release system delivering 3 types of proteins: - Low temperature processed ultra-filtered whey protein - Whey protein hydrolysate - Native wheyproteinisolate from low temperature processed whey - These proteins are combined with ultrapure micellar casein processed at low temperature to provide the Quattro set. Instant Mass Proadds to its magnificent composition essential nutrients that enhance the health of the athlete. Each service incorporates a significant source of Zinc and Magnesium that contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintain high testosterone levels. Instant Mass Prois a weight winner that only delivers quality ingredients. It contains no soy protein, corn syrup, dextrose, hydrogenated fats, cheap vegetable oils, sugar or salt.
Reflex Nutrition

Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Pro 2727 Gr Chocolate Perfection.

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