Quamtrax Nutrition Gluta 5 800 Gr Morango E Framboesa
Esporte Aminoácidos Quamtrax Nutrition Gluta 5 800 gr Morango e framboesa What does Gluta 5 give us? With training, muscle tissues break down. The amino acids most involved inmusclebuilding and repair are Glutamine and BCAA. The Taurine has several critical functions among others favors hydration and protein synthesis, increasingmusclevolume. Scientific studies have shown that athletes with a supplementation of these ingredients, can get to improve in a time interval of 10 weeks: an increase of 2 kg of lean muscle mass greater than the placebo group. In addition to increases in lean body mass and strength, the group supplemented with theseamino acidshad experienced better recovery after effort. Gluta 5contains the exact formula of L-Glutamine, BCAA and Taurine which will act both as a powerful anabolic (muscle building) and anti-catabolic mixture. How to use Gluta 5: Take a service before and after training, on days of rest is also recommended to make at least one intake. Sizes: 400gr and 800 gr.
Quamtrax Nutrition

Quamtrax Nutrition Gluta 5 800 Gr Morango E Framboesa.

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