Indasbed Disposable Protectors 20 pcs 20.

Indasbed Disposable Protectors 20 pcs 20
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Indasbed Disposable Protectors 20 pcs 20
Infância Trocadores de Fraldas Indasbed Disposable Protectors 20 pcs 20 Disposable Protectors 20 pcs A single-use lower pad for bedridden, incontinent or wheelchair patients. It keeps moisture away from the skin, reducing the risk of dermatitis and ulceration. Its cushioning prevents ulceration by reducing the pressure exerted by the body. It covers the protection needs of patients in bed or in wheelchairs. Features: - A layer of soft filter material removes moisture from the skin. - An absorbent surface made of cellulose offers excellent protection and absorption. - A rhomboid structure facilitates the diffusion of urine and prevents accumulation. - Highly compacted cellulose provides greater resistance to breakage. - Soft, waterproof and non-slip polyethylene. 100% latex free
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