Gempod For Via Fitness.

Gempod For Via Fitness
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Gempod For Via Fitness
Red Jasper - Magnesite - Clear QuartzA hand-crafted replacement module for your ViA bottle to add variety in your drinking habits. Hydrate in style! Good for-WILLPOWER-STRENGTH-DYNAMICIf you already own a ViA bottle and would Like to add some more variety to your daily drinking routine, an additional GemPod is just right for you, if youd Like to safe a Little money and dont want to invest in just another bottle. Along with exercise and a balanced diet, nothing supports an active Lifestyle better than enough freshwater. Drinking water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism. Lots of people confuse thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated could help you avoid overeating. Make a start, put on your running shoes and fill your water bottle with" "Fitness" GemWater Gempod. Include this unique blend of beaming red jasper, solid magnesite and pure rock crystal in your regular workout schedule and get ready for a surprise! .
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