Avent Dect Baby Monitor.

Avent Dect Baby Monitor
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Avent Dect Baby Monitor
Infância Monitor de bebe Avent DECT Baby Monitor Our new DECT baby watch offers total peace of mind. It provides the most reliable connection with clear sound, temperature control, a soothing night light and lullabies. More safety for you and your baby. 100% private connection. Companion light and lullabies. Intercom function. The lights are activated to indicate the sound level of the baby's room, even with the parent unit in silence. The parent unit will alert you when the monitor is out of range or when the battery is running low,helping you ensure a constant connection with your baby. A customized alert temperature sensor allows you to monitor the climate in your baby's room. Your baby can't regulate his or her body temperature as well as you can, and a slight change in temperature can keep your baby from resting. The custom temperature sensor will alert you immediately, via the digital display in the parent unit, if the climate in the baby's room changes. Indoor range up to 50 m*; outdoor range up to 330 m*. There's nothing like a soft lullaby and a warm, soothing glow of nightlight to soothe a restless baby. From any room in the house, you can select one of 5 soothing tones and turn on the night light to help your baby fall asleep effortlessly in no time (remote activation is not available in the U.S. or Canada). Sometimes all your baby needs is the soothing sound of your voice. Thanks to this feature, you can communicate with your baby at the touch of a button from anywhere in the house. DECT technology guarantees zero interference from any other transmitter product,such as other baby monitors, cordless phones and mobile phones. Data encryption provides a secure, private connection to ensure no one else hears your baby. The small rechargeable parent unit allows you to move around wirelessly for 18 hours before recharging again. The rechargeable parent unit gives you freedom of movement at home.

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